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If after you join the course, go through all the modules and complete all the worksheets and you feel you’re no closer to starting or growing your thriving, profitable food business, email us and we’ll refund your money. 

Lifetime Access to the Foodiepreneur's Finest Mentorship Program ($5,000 Value)

Here's What You'll Get:

  • ​Week 1: Going From Employee To Entrepreneur 
  • Week 2: Step-By-Step Viral-Menu Creation
  • Week 3: Branding & Competition-Proofing Your Business
  • Week 4: Money Planning & The Building Blocks For Long-Term Profits
  • Week 5: Engineering “The X-Factor” For Your Food Business
  • Week 6: Payments, Delivery & Customer Journey Mastery
  • Week 7: The Ultimate Instagram Success Blueprint Part 1
  • Week 8: The Ultimate Instagram Success Blueprint Part 2
  • ​Week 9: The Ultimate Instagram Success Blueprint Part 3
  • Week 10: Launching With Friends And Family
  • ​Week 11: Influencer Mastery & Other Hyper-Growth Strategies
  • Week 12: 12-Month Copy-Paste Instagram Campaigns
  • Bonus 1: Picture-Perfect Profiles: The 21 Must-Follow Accounts Every Foodiepreneur Needs To See
  • ​Bonus 2: Instant Influencer Network: Proven Templates To Building Meaningful Collaborations With Influencers & Creating A Network In Weeks Instead Of Years
  • Bonus 3: Instant Brand Deals: How To Land The Brand Deals You Want And Attract The Perfect Audience For Your Business

"Wilson offered some actionable advice that I can use right away for my online business. He definitely knows what he's talking about. Thank you for your time! Highly recommended!" 
-Lam T.
"Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing all your knowledge with me and others. I like your videos. They are short but packed with lots of useful information. Thank you for leading the industry!"
-Katya S.
“After your lesson, I feel so confident as I know how to interpret some of these numbers on my own!! You're one of the best things that have happened to me this year... I'm thankful we crossed paths :)”
– Loan N.

“Yeah, that’s all great, Wilson! But I have questions.”

Do you feel like this program will be helpful for a CPG food brand / packaged good brand?
To get your brand going, you’re going to need to get initial customers, get feedback, adjust pricing, build up an initial fanbase, you’re going to source packaging, etc. 

So the foundation of a strong food brand is always the same. The real difference between a CPG brand and a local foods brand is how you scale distribution AFTER you built a strong initial customer base locally. 

After you get your steady sales coming in using what we teach in Foodiepreneur’s Finest, then I can connect you with people who are more established in scaling CPG brands. 
Can the course be completed in less than 12 weeks?
I highly recommend you take your time with it. But yes, you can complete it in less than 12 weeks, but don’t skip over any of the course material. 

If you feel like the 12 week timeframe is very tough or if all of a sudden you have other pressing concerns, that’s not a problem because you have lifetime access to the whole course. So if you decide to go slower. Completely fine as well. You can control that. 
Will the modules be available at once or rolled out in sequence?
You’ll get instant access to the modules, lessons, and special bonuses all at once. But to get the most out of this, I HIGHLY recommend you start from the very beginning and work your way through each lesson in order.
I’m still comparing this to another Instagram program. What makes your program different?
There are tons of Instagram programs out there teaching you how to run an online business, and I can actually recommend you the really good ones. But Foodiepreneur's Finest is the only food-industry specific program. So we help you understand things that are specific to running a food business for example, specific food campaigns on Instagram, specific hero items you can model, etc. 

Plus, within our community, you get ongoing help from people in the food industry - not from all these other industries.
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